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Hi, my name is Silvia Galati but everyone call me Silvietta!

I help people around the world, just like you & me, to become an Affiliate Marketer.
Silvia Galati, Founder of
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My backstory and my dream

Hi, my name is Silvia Galati and I’m going to tell you how you can change your life by making money online from home. I was a simple uptown girl. My father was a labourer and my mother a housewife.
My parents and my school were always teaching me that in order to be happy I should find a secured job. So I did: first as employee in a baby shop, later as employee for a downtown chartered accounting firm. But I always had a secret dream: I wanted to travel, to see the world.

Why I decided to change my life

When I decided to quit my first job, my boss gave me a book by Richard Back: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

That book taught me to follow my dream even if everybody was saying not to do it. I realized that I wanted more from my life, I wanted to break free from an oppressive job. I have to admit that I liked my new career in the city, but I was working more than 10 hours a day and I had no more time for myself, my family and, of course, my dream.

Create your own online business!

I’m going to tell you how you can change your life Now I’m finally living the life that I always dreamed of: I’ve created an online business that allows me to travel around the world every time that I want to.

Thanks to my online passive incomes, I’m making much more money than I ever earned, without spending all my time on it: I work only few hours a week from home or directly from the beach! You have the opportunity to create your own online business and to change your life too, please do not miss it!

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Hi, my name is Silvia Galati and welcome to You're about to discover the secret of How To Quickly Get Your On-Line Business and Make Serious Money without Any Computer Skills.

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